Episode 33: Personal Stories of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation: Combating this enemy together!

In The Name of Service by Dr. Barb Thompson

Episode notes


This episode of 'In the Name of Service' features a conversation about personal experiences with suicidal ideation and the importance of addressing mental health struggles. The guests, Brandon, Leslie, and Evan, share their own stories and discuss the impact of humility, love, and connection in overcoming these challenges. They emphasize the need for support, faith, and engaging in activities that bring joy and healing.

The conversation highlights the complexity of suicide and the importance of reaching out to others who may be struggling. This conversation explores the themes of feeling worthless, the tactic of isolation, the experience of suicidal thoughts, finding hope and purpose, helping others combat this enemy, personal experience with loss and helping others, the impact of tragedy, the multifaceted nature of the battle ... 

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