In The Name of Service

by Dr. Barb Thompson

In The Name of Service is a podcast dedicated to hearing the stories of everyday men and women who have chosen to answer the call to serve in a role with purpose beyond their own comfort or prestige. The purpose of this podcast is to broadcast the character and heart of the persons behind good deeds and inspire the rest of us to follow suit in our own way. Listen in as psychologist and host, Dr. Barb Thompson, dialogues with th ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 35: Chad McCoy- SOF Veteran, Co-Founder & CSO at Firestorm

    Episode 35: Chad McCoy- SOF Veteran, Co-Founder & CSO at Firestorm

    Summary In this conversation, Chad shares his military background, experiences, and transition to civilian life. He discusses the importance of culture and leadership in the military, as well as the challenges of transitioning from an Operator to a senior leader. Chad also talks about finding alignment and purpose in his post-military career, including starting a 3D printed drone company. He offers advice for current military members and emphasizes the importance of managing expectations and redefining success. Overall, Chad's story highlights the significance of relationships, authenticity, and finding meaning in life. Takeaways The military culture and leadership play a crucial role in shaping the experiences and success of individuals. Transitioning from an operator to a senior leader requires authenticity, adaptability, and a focus on building trust and improving culture. Finding alignment and purpose in post-military life involves managing expectations, redefining success, and embracing personal growth. Building strong relationships, particularly in marriage and family, is essential for personal and professional fulfillment. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Gratitude 02:07 Military Background and Transition 03:33 Starting a 3D Printed Drone Company 04:07 Motivation to Join the Military 06:06 Deployments and Facing Adversity 07:01 Desire for Testing and Purpose 08:26 Dealing with Tragedy and Uncertainty 09:56 Balancing Military Life and Family 13:14 The Importance of Culture in the Military 14:56 Leadership and Authenticity 18:20 Building Trust and Improving Culture 20:08 Transitioning from Operator to Senior Leader 21:47 Perceptions of Special Operations Forces 22:46 Challenges of Transitioning to Civilian Life 23:45 Managing Expectations and Redefining Success 24:17 The Importance of Relationships and Marriage 27:05 Starting a 3D Printed Drone Company 29:31 Finding Alignment and Purpose 33:01 Advice for Current Military Members 35:24 Changing Expectations and Redefining Success 38:04 Living One Day at a Time 39:01 Conclusion and Gratitude

  • Episode 34 Personal Stories: Guatemala Mission Trip

    Episode 34 Personal Stories: Guatemala Mission Trip

    In this episode, Barb Thompson interviews Mackell Phillips, Shelly Kist, and her daughter Lily about their mission trip to Guatemala. They discuss their motivations for going on the trip, the impact it had on their perspectives and contentment, and the importance of carrying the experience forward. They also talk about the role of educators in providing these types of experiences for students and the need for a supportive and encouraging environment. Overall, the conversation highlights the transformative power of mission trips and the importance of prioritizing faith and service in education. The conversation highlights the importance of building a strong team, being intentional and providing support, living with purpose, the life-changing experience of the trip, reflection and encouragement, and continuing the conversation. Takeaways Mission trips can provide a perspective shift and increase contentment by exposing individuals to different cultures and challenging their priorities. Building relationships and fellowship with like-minded individuals is crucial for processing and carrying the mission trip experience forward. Educators can play a significant role in providing mission trip experiences for students, fostering a culture of faith and service in schools. Trusting in God's guidance and being flexible are essential when planning and executing mission trips. Encouraging students to embrace the mission trip experience with excitement and expectation can enhance their engagement and impact. Building a strong team is crucial for success in any endeavor. Being intentional and providing support can make a significant impact on individuals' experiences. Living with purpose and being intentional about each day can lead to a fulfilling life. Mission trips can be life-changing experiences that teach valuable lessons and strengthen faith. Reflection and encouragement are important for personal growth and motivation. Continuing the conversation and sharing experiences can inspire others to take similar actions. Chapters 00:00 Introduction 02:04 Background and Motivation for Mission Trips 03:00 Perspective Shift and Contentment 13:20 Student Perspective and Encouragement 24:29 Personal Impact and Reflection 29:35 Carrying the Experience Forward 34:09 Changing the Culture of the School 40:07 Encouragement for Educators 49:56 Building a Strong Team 50:24 Intentionality and Support 51:16 Living with Purpose 52:14 Life-Changing Experience 53:14 Reflection and Encouragement 53:44 Continuing the Conversation

  • Episode 33: Personal Stories of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation: Combating this enemy together!

    Episode 33: Personal Stories of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation: Combating this enemy together!

    Summary This episode of 'In the Name of Service' features a conversation about personal experiences with suicidal ideation and the importance of addressing mental health struggles. The guests, Brandon, Leslie, and Evan, share their own stories and discuss the impact of humility, love, and connection in overcoming these challenges. They emphasize the need for support, faith, and engaging in activities that bring joy and healing. The conversation highlights the complexity of suicide and the importance of reaching out to others who may be struggling. This conversation explores the themes of feeling worthless, the tactic of isolation, the experience of suicidal thoughts, finding hope and purpose, helping others combat this enemy, personal experience with loss and helping others, the impact of tragedy, the multifaceted nature of the battle, combatting lies and finding community, continuing the conversation, and the assurance of God's presence. Takeaways Feeling worthless and isolated is a common experience for those struggling with mental health issues. The tactic of isolation is used by the enemy to make individuals feel alone and helpless. Sharing personal experiences of struggle and recovery can help others find hope and purpose. Community and support from others are essential in combating the enemy and finding healing. Reading and studying the Scriptures can provide depth and understanding in the journey of faith. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:58 Personal Experiences with Suicidal Ideation 12:18 The Importance of Humility and Love 18:15 The Power of Connection and Reaching Out 22:10 Finding Rest and Joy in Faith 25:44 Lessons Learned from Personal Struggles 30:28 The Impact of Pride and the Need for Support 37:13 The Role of Outdoor Activities in Healing 46:59 The Importance of Faith, Service, and Passion 47:28 Understanding the Complexity of Suicide 50:12 Feeling Worthless and Isolated 51:08 The Tactic of Isolation 52:07 The Experience of Suicidal Thoughts 53:35 Finding Hope and Purpose 54:34 Helping Others Combat the Enemy 54:50 Personal Experience with Loss and Helping Others 55:20 The Tragic Loss of a Brother 56:17 The Devastating News and Tragedy 57:45 The Spiral of Addiction and Loss 59:10 The Impact of Tragedy on Family 01:00:08 Recognizing the Call to Ministry 01:01:38 The Importance of Humility and Personal Experience 01:04:04 The Impact of Brokenness in Ministry 01:05:50 The Multifaceted Nature of the Battle 01:06:25 Combatting Lies and Finding Community 01:08:28 Contact Information 01:09:19 Continuing the Conversation

  • Episode 32: Dr. Graham Danzer, Forensic Criminal & Clinical Psychologist

    Episode 32: Dr. Graham Danzer, Forensic Criminal & Clinical Psychologist

    Summary Dr. Graham Danzer, a forensic criminal and clinical psychologist, shares his journey and experiences in the field of psychology. He discusses his background, inspiration, and the challenges he has faced. Dr. Danzer also talks about the importance of cross-training with law enforcement and the need for psychologists to be more involved in the field. He offers advice for those interested in pursuing a career in psychology and serving in high-risk environments. Takeaways Psychologists in high-risk environments, such as forensic and criminal psychology, face unique challenges and require specialized training. Cross-training with law enforcement can provide valuable insights and skills for psychologists working in high-risk settings. Psychologists should be proactive in seeking mentorship and learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. There is a need for psychologists to be more involved in law enforcement and other high-risk fields to better serve individuals and make a positive impact. Chapters 00:00Introduction 01:02Background and Inspiration 04:29Forensic Criminal and Clinical Psychology 08:03Challenges and Frustrations in the Field 14:04Becoming a Psychologist 16:08Difficulties and Obstacles in the Career 18:42Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation 20:52Cross-Training with Law Enforcement 29:04Pipeline for Psychologists in Law Enforcement 32:46Preparing for a Career in Service 38:35Advice for Those Wanting to Serve 41:16Conclusion

  • Episode 31: Jeff Marriott, Veteran & Co-Founder of Vet's Retreat Virginia

    Episode 31: Jeff Marriott, Veteran & Co-Founder of Vet's Retreat Virginia

    Please welcome Jeff Marriott, Veteran and Co-Founder of Vet's Retreat Virginia. Vet's Retreat Virginia is a three-year-old nonprofit organization that focuses on military, first responder, and family health and wellness. They provide peer-to-peer support and organize events and activities in the areas of entertainment and athletics. The organization aims to create a safe space for veterans and first responders to come together and support each other. They also offer resources and referrals for more specialized needs. The team behind Vet's Retreat Virginia is dedicated to their mission and is working towards establishing a 24-hour operations center. They rely on word of mouth and community involvement to spread awareness and provide support. Takeaways Everyone has something positive to offer. All you need is a willing heart. Small things matter like taking down barriers such giving someone a ride to an event or medical appointment or sharing resources with Veterans who may not be online. Vet's Retreat Virginia provides peer-to-peer support and organizes events and activities for veterans and first responders. The organization aims to create a safe space for individuals to come together and support each other. Vet's Retreat Virginia offers resources and referrals for more specialized needs. The team behind Vet's Retreat Virginia is dedicated to their mission and is working towards establishing a 24-hour operations center. Their 24hr peer-to-peer support line is 1-888-906-4593.