#14 - Brigette Indelicato: Thick Plots and Sick Fonts

Intertextual Cardboard Experience by Ryan Vodnik

Episode notes

Join this fantastic episode, as Brigette leads me (and subsequently all of you) on a board game journey through several unique lenses.  Check out all of her amazing work here and the rest of this episode for her insight. 

Intro (0:00)

Brigette’s professional graphic design experience linked up with her board gaming in a way that led to her designing games and doing graphic design work for board games.  We talk about games earlier in our gaming experience that stuck out to us from a graphic design standpoint as well.

This episode’s namesake/Brigette’s task/”Thick Plots and Sick Fonts” (12:50)

I get educated on something I find fascinating (fonts) but hadn’t really thought about much outside of lettering that looks neat and m ... 

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