5 Easy Ways to Keep a Daily EFT Tapping Routine - E12

Hush Your Mind: Building a Better Relationship With Yourself by Annie Moussu

Episode notes

Once people discover the amazing benefits of EFT Tapping, they often ask me: "How can I use EFT on a daily basis? What do you recommend as a tapping routine?" Having a daily EFT routine is an excellent way to soothe anxiety, calm your mind and stay grounded. Like with any new habit, it can unfortunately be hard to stick to an EFT routine. We tend to get discouraged and beat ourselves up. What’s more, many of us feel resistance towards doing EFT on our own (including me!) and prefer staying in our comfort zone. Tune in to this episode to learn 5 easy ways to keep a daily EFT Tapping routine and enjoy increasing calm and clarity on a regular basis.

Blog article: https://hushyourmind.com/daily-eft-tapping-routine/

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