Why Positive Affirmations Fail: Avoid This #1 Mistake - E13

Hush Your Mind: Building a Better Relationship With Yourself by Annie Moussu

Episode notes

Positive affirmations are everywhere. They’re short phrases you repeat to change yourself for the better. For example, "I’m confident", "I’m worthy", "I’m abundant". Have you tried using one? Positive affirmations seem like a brilliant idea: repeat one and.. voilà! All better. So why do they sometimes feel like lies? My frustration with this self-help tool inspired me to discover why they didn’t work for me and what to do about it. In this episode, learn why you shouldn't force yourself to think positively, the #1 mistake people make about positive affirmations and a 10-step process you can use to get better results.

Blog article: https://hushyourmind.com/positive-affirmations/

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