Overcoming the Fear of Being Seen: EFT Tapping Demo - E37

Hush Your Mind: Building a Better Relationship With Yourself by Annie Moussu

Episode notes

Many of us struggle with being visible. We may have learned long ago that it wasn’t safe to speak up, share our perspective or get our needs met. Yet a part of us yearns to be seen. It’s human. We all yearn to be valued and appreciated. And to feel at home within ourselves, no matter where we tread. For the first time ever, I’ve invited my guest Christina on my podcast for a live EFT Tapping session to overcome the fear of being seen. In this session, we identify and release the different fears associated with visibility. Watch or listen until the end for Christina's empowering breakthrough!

Blog article & video: https://hushyourmind.com/fear-of-being-seen-eft-tapping/

Free EFT session (podcast guests):

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