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Esoteric Leadership with Dane Tomas

HOLY EROS by Phoenix Amara & Sonja Semyonova

Episode notes

EPISODE 4 | Esoteric Leadership as a Modern Rite of Passage with Dane Tomas

On today’s episode of Holy Eros we have Dane Tomas. Dane is quite an enigmatic character, so we go into some deep realms around the esoteric aspects of leadership in personal growth where he shares:

  • His background building the successful global personal growth modality “The Spiral” and the initiations it had for him around leadership, publicly fucking up, growing a team, letting go of the reins and ultimately stepping away to let it continue evolving

  • Esoteric Entrepreneurism as a Modern Rite of Passage: and facing the inevitable fears of cancel culture as a rite of passage in our modern times for leaders and visionaries

  • The intersection of dynamics around sacred sexuality, personal growth and leadership - avoiding the ech ... 

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