Episode notes

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem 🤍 

Join myself and sisters in Islam in our greatest project yet 🥹 In sha Allah we plan on fundraising to take care of over 100 orphans for a year as well as caring for Orphans in Palestine. If Allah swt wills we plan to build a masjid in Yemen as well as a large water well in Africa. 

It’s a lot. Over $150 000 Australian Dollars but by the Will of Allah swt together I believe we can do it 🤍 

I pray that Allah swt accepts this from us, purifies our sins through this, and continues to unite us and use us for his cause and never replace us 🤍 

The Prophet PBUH said, “Giving in charity does not decrease in Wealth” so give generously 🤍

All the links are listed below. Today, right now click the link to set up a recurring donation for the month of Ramadan towards our orphan  ... 

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