Hadaf Podcast

by Raz Aziz

Assalamu Alaykum, and welcome to Hadaf Podcast! A space where we converse and explore alternative routes to discover our hadaf, our purpose. Join me and the incredible guests in discovering our spirituality, re-establishing our perspective on the deen, and Inshallah getting closer to Allah swt day by day <3

Podcast episodes

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  • Ramadan is over, now what..?

    Ramadan is over, now what..?

    It has been over 2 weeks since Ramadan has left us and we often say Ramadan is our guest that comes by every year, but honestly WE are Ramadans guest as it is guaranteed that it will be here next year, but not us. Have we already fallen back into our old habits? Have we already given up on our commitments and promises to Allah swt? Has our hearts, character and actions even changed? Honestly, how was your Ramadan? The scary thing is if we don’t recognise our shortcomings and reflect right now it is only going to go down from here. Join us in this episode to hear the reflection and questions you NEED to hear and lets renew our intentions and get back on that path to at least try to be like the person we promised to be.

  • The time I almost died in Madinah.. Umrah Reflections P1

    The time I almost died in Madinah.. Umrah Reflections P1

    Assalamu alaykum, Ramadan Mubarak and welcome back to another Episode and welcome to a beautiful 3 part mini series all about Umrah! Alhamdullilah I have been blessed to be invited to the house of Allah swt and Subhanallah I have been seeing so many of my loved ones there and that just brought back memories and a strong urge to visit the blessed land again. In this Episode I talk about my Umrah experiences, the highs and the sickening lows. I pray through these series our urge to visit the holy lands is ignited and that we increase in all of our duas sincerely. Let us know in the comments your Umrah Reflections and Take Aways!

  • i need YOUR help...

    i need YOUR help...

    Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem 🤍&nbsp; Join myself and sisters in Islam in our greatest project yet 🥹 In sha Allah we plan on fundraising to take care of over 100 orphans for a year as well as caring for Orphans in Palestine. If Allah swt wills we plan to build a masjid in Yemen as well as a large water well in Africa.&nbsp; It’s a lot. Over $150 000 Australian Dollars but by the Will of Allah swt together I believe we can do it 🤍&nbsp; I pray that Allah swt accepts this from us, purifies our sins through this, and continues to unite us and use us for his cause and never replace us 🤍&nbsp; The Prophet PBUH said, “Giving in charity does not decrease in Wealth” so give generously 🤍 All the links are listed below. Today, right now click the link to set up a recurring donation for the month of Ramadan towards our orphan campaign and donate towards all of our projects in this blessed month.&nbsp; May Allah swt bless you all 🥹🤍&nbsp; Set up a recurring donation towards our Orphan Campaign ➡️ https://www.launchgood.com/TeamSistersinIslam Care for the Orphans ➡️ https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/save_lives_this_ramadan_4#!/ Build a Masjid in Yemen ➡️ https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/help_sisters_in_islam_build_a_masjid#!/ Build a WaterWell in Africa ➡️ https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/help_sisters_in_islam_build_a_water_well_this_ramadan#!/

  • you need to hear this before Ramadan..

    you need to hear this before Ramadan..

    If you listened to one reminder before Ramadan let it be this, a reminder straight from my heart to yours. We can not take this blessed month for granted and we can not just let it go by without investing our hearts into the blessings we can receive from Allah swt in this time. We all know of the numerous rewards and blessings and significance this month holds, the question is how do we change our approach then? How do we make this month in still change in us not just for the 30 days but beyond ..?

  • advice i wish i got before uni

    advice i wish i got before uni

    Assalamu alaykum and welcome back to a much NEEDED topic. In this episode hadafpodcast #islam #muslim #explore #islamicpodcast #muslimpodcast #iman #deen #quran as I finished high school. Alhamdullilah for our experiences as they shape who we are today, but as a big sister from me to you take this time to listen to these tips and advices that will really really help you and ground you in Sha Allah