by Lily Switka

Gumption is calling... will you answer?

Let's face it, nobody has it all figured out. But a little bit of uncertainty never stops us doers from creating the life of our dreams. Inspired by Nancy Meyers' 2006 romantic comedy, The Holiday, this podcast is your ultimate guide to becoming the main character of ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Pedaling Passion: Building Community Beyond Fitness

    Pedaling Passion: Building Community Beyond Fitness

    Here at Gumption, we're all about celebrating women in business. This week, we welcome Melina Millerleile to the show, owner and founder of indoor cycling studio Cycle Fly in Lakewood, OH. The studio was voted Cleveland's top indoor cycling studio, best Specialty Exercise Class by Cleveland Scene ‘22 & ‘23, AND Best Independent Gym (West) by Cleveland Magazine ‘23. Melina shares an inside look into her fitness community, and how it all started. She explores the importance building a space where everyone feels like they can fly. 🚲 As a total novice cycler, Lil asks Melina about all the fun behind-the-scenes planning that goes into teaching a fitness class, including playlist curation and public speaking. LAST CHANCE to cop your Gumption Merch from our OG collection. Order HERE by March 1st, and use code THANKSBESTIE10 for 10% off your entire order. 😉

  • Table for Two: Easy Date Ideas and Love Languages

    Table for Two: Easy Date Ideas and Love Languages

    In Gumption's jam-packed Valentine's Day episode, Lil's beloved BF Murph makes his return to the show. One year after moving in together, we chat about the experience of cohabitating with your significant other. (Refer back to Long Distance to Living Together: 12 Secrets to a Happy Relationship for Murph's podcast debut in our early days of moving in). We dive in to date recommendations from the audience, sharing ways to shake up tried and true date activities or ways to step out of the box. Whether you're going out or staying in, freshly dating or together forever, there's something here for everybody. You're gonna want to save this ep for your V-Day inspiration. ♥️ Thank you to everyone who submitted! And if you try out one of these ideas from the show, POST IT & TAG US on Instagram @GumptionPod :) In an effort to better understand relationship dynamics, we also investigate the legitimacy of love languages, including taking a Buzzfeed quiz to determine our own in real time. Finally, Murph shares his advice on shooting your shot for those cuties out there with crushes. This Valentine's Day, be bold and do the damn thing. We're rooting for you! Don't forget to get your GUMPTION MERCH while supplies last! Only available through the end of February, run it up besties!!!

  • Rediscovering Your Individuality & Tips for Aspiring Podcasters

    Rediscovering Your Individuality & Tips for Aspiring Podcasters

    This week, Gumption welcomes the wonderful Maura McKeown (@lilmauradat), host of the podcast Maur or Less to the show! We delve into the mentality behind competitive team sports during our transformative childhood and adolescent years, and how these helped or hindered our growth as individuals. Unpacking the lessons we learned from hockey and dance, we reflect on how these have shaped us in our adult lives, and what aspects we bring into our current relationships and careers (as well as which ones we're leaving behind). As the first fellow podcaster to be on the show, Lil & Maura share our quick tips for aspiring podcasters to "just start" (*cough cough* see her first episode, which covers this very topic). Can you tell that we love podcasts, and podcasting?! 🎙️ Listen to Maura's podcast, Maur or Less, on Spotify & follow on Instagram! Our host, Lil will be joining the show as a guest, so stay tuned. For those looking to be a ~fancy pen pal~ with their besties, check out this gel pen starter pack, as mentioned in the ep, to get going. Also, for fans of adorable highland cows, here's a notepad you won't want to miss. 💓

  • Out with Comparison, in with Spontaneity (and Monocles)

    Out with Comparison, in with Spontaneity (and Monocles)

    Welcome to 2024! We're kicking off the year with a fun interview that's reminiscent of the show's early days. Guests Isabel Grenci & Savannah Kargel bring the laughs and vulnerability we've all been waiting for, in the first part of this two-episode series. In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we reflect on how falling in love with new hobbies (or old ones, reimagined) will be good for the soul in 2024, as well as anything that makes us confident and brings us joy. We're ditching comparison as a form of insecurity, and instead opting for unabashed fun & confidence (like dressing for the female gaze). Spontaneity is IN, baby! The girls also chat about our favorite nostalgic things from childhood & high school, from Littlest Pet Shop to Ric Flair Drip. If you're listening on Spotify, use the 'comment' feature to tell us about your favorite nostalgic memories! Click here to secure your Gumption merch while supplies last! Cozy & cute & something for everyone. And as always, follow our Instagram for lots of fun and real-time updates. Happy New Year!

  • Dealing with Creative Burnout & Making Your Life Magical

    Dealing with Creative Burnout & Making Your Life Magical

    In every field, burnout is our antagonist. That's why this week, Gumption hosts the multi-faceted Ohio-based creator and author who's sure to inspire, Kathryn Houghton. Houghton has built a community of people who appreciate the fantastical, both on the page and in real life. Her Instagram, @fieldsofliterature, is a beautiful collection of books, outfits, vintage and antique treasures, art, adventures, and VIBES. (Seriously, if you're a fan of the dark academia aesthetic, her page might as well be Heaven.) We chat about her journey into content creation and seeking out magical experiences everyday. And very timely to Lil's recent announcement, we delve into Houghton's process of publishing her first novel, Come to the Lighthouse. You can grab your copy of CTTL on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, or look out for local bookstore events to get your signed copy. (Hey Columbus folks, next one is at Griffeys Book Emporium on January 12th, 2024). You can also secure some CTTL merch here, and check out Kathryn's Youtube for more content! Also explore the Mount Vernon Inn's Instagram and website. HIGHLY recommend staying here if you're traveling to Ohio, or for a staycation! Speaking of MERCH, we just dropped our FIRST EVER merch collection. Rep the show with these cozy, cool designs from our merch website. Share photos of what you chose when you're "in the wild", and tag us @GumptionPod! You can find our bookworm holiday gift guide on our Instagram story, including allll gift links. Sign up to receive email updates about Lily's debut poetry collection, Airports & Art Museums, and check out her brand new website while you're at it (pssst- Gumption will have a landing page here soon)!