by Lily Switka

Gumption is calling... will you answer?

Let's face it, nobody has it all figured out. But a little bit of uncertainty never stops us doers from creating the life of our dreams. Inspired by Nancy Meyers' 2006 romantic comedy, The Holiday, this podcast is your ultimate guide to becoming the main character of ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • 75 Hard: IS IT WORTH IT?

    75 Hard: IS IT WORTH IT?

    In Gumption's 35th episode, your host Lil (@lilyswits) shares her candid thoughts on the workout trend, 75 Hard. 7 weeks into the challenge, she dishes the tea from her own experience. What aspects of the challenge are worth your time? Which parts are doing too much? What are some modifications you can try, if you don't want to commit to the intensity of the full challenge? Listen and find out some of Lil's recs to get the most out of 75 hard! We are using this Google Sheets 75 Hard Template to keep track of everything! It automatically tallies up your percentages, all you have to do it check off the boxes each day. Fave workout channels & content creators: @whitneyysimmons great workouts and great human! @blogilates ANYTHING but especially arms @MadFit she's kinda boring but it gets the job done @CarolineGirvan she scares me but it works BOOKS: No One Can Know by Katie Alice Marshall - mystery / thriller The Husbands by Holly Gramazio - rom com vibe / comedy Woman of Light by Kali Fajardo-Anstine - generational love / womanhood

  • Gracefully Saying No: Boundaries in Business & Authenticity on Social


    Gracefully Saying No: Boundaries in Business & Authenticity on Social


    This week, Avery Wagner joins Gumption to talk all things boundaries in business. As founder and owner of Wagner Perspective, a boutique social media agency that helps small businesses by elevating their branding, she understands that social media can be overwhelming. We chat about ways that platforms have amplified positivity in our lives, and the importance of knowing how to say "no" as a small business owner. Follow @ItsAveryWagner and @WagnerPerspective for more fun (because you're already following @GumptionPod duhhhh!)

  • The Tortured Podcasters Department: Taylor Swift Album Review

    The Tortured Podcasters Department: Taylor Swift Album Review

    You know how to ball, I know Aristotle. We ALL know that Taylor Swift has gumption. Swiftie or not, join us for some girl talk and unfiltered thoughts about the album (by two people who also love The 1975, and are not willing to give that up yet okay). This week, we welcome back three-time Gumptioneer, Morgan Bendel to debrief on Swift's new album, The Tortured Poets Department. Like what you heard? Revisit one of our earliest (and funniest) episodes, Gumption on the Go with Morgan. And if you've yet to attend the Eras Tour, revisit our Eras Tour survival guide to find out all our recommendations for the best experience. Stay tuned for updates on Lil, your host's, personal poetry collection here.

  • How to Thrift Like a Pro

    How to Thrift Like a Pro

    Take it from an expert: those who thrift, win. After compiling notes from 10 years of thrifting experience, your host Lil shares some of her favorite reasons to pickup thrifting as a hobby, to save your wallet, preserve your originality, and help the environment. Stay for the tips on how to best maximize your thrift trips to suit your style. This installment focuses mostly on garments and small items. If you want a part two for home decor and furniture, LET US KNOW! Some resources mentioned in the episode include one of the best thrift content creators, @madalynnewell , and an easy way to visually identify designers while thrifting (using the label feature from Vintage Fashion Guild). *WANT A PERSONALIZED THRIFT PACKAGE OF $100 VALUE? ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY! You'll also win a homemade candle and Gumption merch. Simply follow @GumptionPod on Instagram and comment on our pinned post (also found in 'giveaway' highlight). One entry per comment. Bonus entries for sharing an episode of the show on your story and tagging us! GIVEAWAY CLOSES 4/14. WINNER ANNOUNCED IN THE EPISODE FOLLOWING THAT DATE. Psssst: if you're an educator (particularly for grades 3rd through 8th), check out my sustainable fashion lesson plans. These are STEM & fashion history based, with projects and experiments included along the way. (Why Upcycling?, Decades of Design, Strike a Pose, Time to Design, Runway Ready)

  • It IS Rocket Science: Cool Astrophysics Facts & the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

    It IS Rocket Science: Cool Astrophysics Facts & the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

    To prepare for the exciting astronomy event coming up in 2 weeks, Lil welcomed three of her astrophysics pals to the show from their time studying ~literal~ rocket science in college. Grace Chiodo, Conor Larsen, and Kevin Moposita share insight about what to expect for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, as well as their favorite mind-blowing space facts & memories. Find out whether your home city is in the path of totality with this interactive eclipse map, and learn more about the eclipse here. Don't forget the glasses! Check out Conor's rock band, Wickham Falls, and show their music some love on Spotify! Stay following us, @GumptionPod, on Instagram for the most up-to-date info on the show, and interact to tell us what you want to hear. And check out this episode's sister playlist, Made of Star Stuff, only on Spotify. Some solid space & sci-fi movie recs are found here.