Podcast With Bud Jeffries

GreatLakesGiryaPro.Com Podcast by Colin Lake

Episode notes

Great Lakes Girya Podcast Episode #2 Bud Jeffries

(Sorry about the audio from my mic. Im working on it)

We cover a brief history of Bud and how his life changed direction because of a major injury when he was on the path to become a professional football player.

Bud is a speaker, author of many books and professional strongman and he walks the talk. He has had many reasons to be demotivated and to give up what he wants, but when life gives you kettlebells … swing them. Meaning, when things don't go your way keep your attitude positive because when you stay positive and keep going it's much better then the opposite. It's normal to have setbacks, that's life. When things don’t go  ... 

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