Podcast With Mark Reifkind

GreatLakesGirya.Com Podcast by Colin Lake

Episode notes

In this episode Mark (using bells since 2001) and I chat about his history in the fitness game, injuries and getting over them ( or working with them/around them) when you have the tools and time to get down to business. Mark is an OG of the kettlebell world and I was very excited to chat with him regarding some interesting topics.

  • Offset foot positions changes the loading of the backswing

  • E-Coat vs powdercoat bells

  • Hand positions when catching in single arm movements

  • GS vs hardstyle breathing patterns biomechanical match vs anatomical

  • Self care to improve strength and function. Possibly speed up recovery times.

  • Primal movements and balancing the body and creating a more aligned posture.

  • Length tension relationships and joint centratio ... 

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