GLCC 35th Anniversary [1 Timothy 3:14-16]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Paul Choo

As Gospel Light celebrates its 35th anniversary we want to take time to look back, look up and look forward. GLCC has been characterized as a church strong in BIBLE Teaching, GOSPEL Preaching and SERVICE to others. We are a FAMILY church that has always been deeply reliant on God’s provision.

However these same strengths can become dangers:

1. We may become proud of our superior BIBLE knowledge and “bash” others who have less knowledge as “ignorant,” “shallow.”

2. We may cease to be GOSPEL preaching to our “community” and instead seek the COMFORT of our personal salvation.

3. We may cease to be SERVING others and expect to be served by others.

4. We may cease to be a FAMILY and desire to become an INSTITUTION where everyone is identical.

5. We may forget GOD’s provisions and instead l ... 

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