We Do Not Lose Heart In The Gospel Ministry [2Corinthians 4:1-6]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Jason Lim

There are 3 important principles in the apostolic ministry according to Paul.

  1. The Privilege

Serving God in the gospel ministry is a privilege for Paul.

He sees it as God's mercy upon him, an unworthy sinner saved by grace.

He also sees the majesty of the ministry of the gospel- a ministry of life, of righteousness, and of glorified Christ-like lives.

  1. The Purpose

Paul understands that the minister of the gospel must teach and preach as men of sincerity- not being peddlers who use secret, shameful methods to corrupt or adulterate God's word. He must simply preach Christ! His goal is not to gather huge followings, but to speak the truth of the gospel regardless of results.

  1. The Paradox

Paul understands that God uses the w ... 

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