Episode notes

In this episode our hosts Toby Ragland and Jayce Barber interview Korn Ferry Tour Professional Jimmy Stanger! Jimmy has been a friend of CGF for many years and even went to 5 CGF Retreats during his time at the University of Virginia. Jimmy shares many stories about golf and faith and one of the best golf stories is about his win at the ACC Championship, This is a great episode with some incredible stories... let us know what you think by reviewing us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

We will be releasing 2 episodes a month for a total of 24 each year. In 2023 we are switching our rhythm from last year and we are doing our normal PGA Tour conversations but we will also be doing CGF Staff highlights as well. We are pumped for all that the Lord is doing in the world of golf and are pumped that you are along for the ride with us!

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