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College Golf Fellowship Staffers Toby Ragland and Jayce Barber sit down with many different PGA Partners of CGF and talk all things golf, life and faith.

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  • Episode 22: Matt Van Zandt

    Episode 22: Matt Van Zandt

    In this conversation, Toby and Jayce interview Matt Van Zandt, a former staff member of CGF. They discuss Matt's current life, his work in the financial investment world, and his continued involvement in golf. They also delve into Matt's college golf experience, including his time with College Golf Fellowship and winning the national championship in 2009. Matt shares the highs and lows of the tournament and the close bond he had with his teammates. Matt Van Zandt shares his experience working for College Golf Fellowship and transitioning from full-time ministry to the finance world. He emphasizes the importance of controlling spending, saving and investing wisely, and cultivating a spirit of generosity. Matt also discusses his dream golf course and the people he would love to play with. Takeaways Matt Van Zandt is currently working in the financial investment world and continues to play golf. Matt's college golf experience was shaped by his involvement with College Golf Fellowship and the close bond he had with his teammates. Winning the national championship in 2009 was a highlight of Matt's college golf career, and he cherishes the memories and friendships from that time. The team's unity and support for each other played a significant role in their success. Matt's first and last college golf shots both ended up in the water, creating a unique statistic. Control your spending and practice self-control in managing your finances. Understand the power of compounding interest and start saving and investing early. Develop a spirit of generosity and learn to give, as it is better to give than to receive. Choose a golf course that you've always wanted to play and enjoy the experience. Play with people who have had a significant impact on your life and share a deep connection with them. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Current Life 04:31 College Golf Experience and Team Bond 09:03 Winning the National Championship 14:22 The Power of Team Unity 20:40 Joining College Golf Fellowship and the Early Years 23:32 Why Matt Chose to Work for College Golf Fellowship 26:26 Balancing Work in Finance and Ministry 29:17 Financial Advice for College Golfers 36:49 Dream Golf Course and Playing Partners

  • Episode 21: William Kane

    Episode 21: William Kane

    Summary In this episode, Toby and Jayce interview William Kane, CGF Staff and host of the Bible Caddie Podcast, who shares his journey from caddying on the PGA Tour to becoming a pastor and staff member of College Golf Fellowship. William discusses the Bible Caddie podcast and their study of Ephesians, emphasizing the importance of engaging with God's Word. He also shares lessons learned from caddying, including the significance of having the right information. William recounts his personal experience of coming to know the Lord and the transformation it brought to his life. He encourages college golfers to prioritize daily engagement with God through His Word, prayer, and Christian fellowship. William highlights the impact of the gospel on golf and life, emphasizing the freedom and joy that come from playing for an audience of one. The episode concludes with discussions on pickleball, basketball, book recommendations, and the favorite Bible chapter to take on a long journey. The conversation explores the idea of choosing a single chapter of the Bible to take to a deserted island. The importance of Romans 8 is discussed, along with the significance of Matthew 27 and John 6. The hosts also share their favorite meal of the day. Takeaways Prioritize daily engagement with God through His Word, prayer, and Christian fellowship. Understand the significance of having the right information and the impact it can have on one's life. Recognize the transformative power of the gospel and the freedom it brings to every area of life, including golf. Embrace the joy of playing for an audience of one and seek to glorify God in all aspects of life. When asked to choose a single chapter of the Bible, Romans 8 is considered to be of great importance. Matthew 27 and John 6 are mentioned as chapters that provide a variety of teachings and miracles. The hosts share their favorite meal of the day, with dinner being a popular choice. Sound Bites Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:00 The Bible Caddy Podcast and Teaching Through Ephesians 07:00 Lessons from Caddying and the Importance of Having the Right Information 12:00 Transition from Caddying to Ministry 15:00 Coming to Know the Lord and the Transformation in Life 20:00 Discipling College Golfers and the Fundamentals of the Christian Life 27:00 The Gospel's Impact on Golf and Life 34:00 Final Thoughts and Encouragement 36:00 Pickleball and Basketball 40:00 Book Recommendations and Favorite Bible Chapter 40:56 Choosing a Chapter of the Bible 41:31 The Importance of Romans 8 42:19 Matthew 27 and John 6 43:21 Favorite Meal of the Day

  • Episode 20: David and Maxwell Ford

    Episode 20: David and Maxwell Ford

    Summary In this conversation, college golfers David and Maxwell Ford discuss their upbringing in golf, their competitive relationship as twins, their college decisions, and the role of faith in their lives. They share how their father introduced them to golf at a young age and how their competitive nature pushed them to excel in the sport. They also discuss the challenges and blessings of playing college golf and how their faith has shaped their dating relationships. The brothers emphasize the importance of seeking God's kingdom first and finding satisfaction in Him. They also highlight the impact of their Thursday night Zoom call, where they gather with other college golfers to discuss faith and encourage one another. The conversation covers topics such as the Eastlake Cup victory, finding satisfaction in Jesus, aligning golf and faith, the whole duty of man, living life backwards, favorite meals, college golf memories, dream foursomes, dream golf courses, and closing thoughts. Takeaways Competitive sibling relationships can be both challenging and beneficial, pushing individuals to excel in their chosen field. Seeking God's kingdom first and finding satisfaction in Him is the key to navigating the challenges of college golf and dating relationships. Regularly reading and studying Scripture is essential for spiritual growth and deepening one's relationship with God. Creating a community of like-minded individuals can provide support, encouragement, and accountability in living out one's faith. Finding satisfaction in Jesus is more important than any worldly success. Aligning golf and faith means recognizing that Jesus is more important than the game. The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that the fear of God and keeping His commandments is the whole duty of man. Living life backwards means viewing life as a gift rather than a means to gain. Favorite meals, college golf memories, and dream foursomes provide opportunities for fun and camaraderie in the game of golf. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 01:26 Growing Up and Getting into Golf 03:36 Sibling Rivalry and Competition 06:23 College Decisions 09:12 Injuries and Faith 13:09 Pursuing National Championships 18:14 Dating Relationships and Faith 25:52 The Importance of Scripture 38:06 Thursday Night Zoom Call 41:42 Integrating Faith and Golf 44:15 The Eastlake Cup Victory 46:22 Finding Satisfaction in Jesus 49:31 Aligning Golf and Faith 50:18 The Whole Duty of Man 51:47 Living Life Backwards 54:22 Favorite Meal, College Golf Memory, Dream Foursome 55:20 Dream Golf Course 56:03 Closing Thoughts

  • Episode 19: Kieran Vincent

    Episode 19: Kieran Vincent

    Summary In this conversation, Kieran Vincent shares his journey from qualifying for the LIV card to playing on the Liv Tour this year. He discusses the challenges and triumphs he experienced along the way, as well as the role of faith in his life and career. Kieran emphasizes the importance of staying grounded in God's word and maintaining a strong relationship with Him, even in the midst of success and travel. He also reflects on his college golf experience at Liberty University and the impact of his coaches and teammates on his faith and personal growth. In this conversation, Kieran Vincent discusses his performance metrics, physical attributes, and upcoming tournament. Takeaways Qualifying for the Liv Tour requires mental and physical endurance, as well as a strong support system. Maintaining a routine of prayer and Bible study is crucial for staying grounded in faith while traveling and competing. College golf provides a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, with coaches and teammates playing a significant role in shaping character. Turning pro requires careful financial management and the support of sponsors and mentors. Setting goals and prioritizing time with God are essential for navigating the challenges and successes of a professional golf career. Performance metrics such as swing speed and ball speed are important indicators of a golfer's skill. Kieran Vincent has achieved a ball speed of up to 192 mph and club head speeds in the high twenties to early thirties. Despite weighing only 160 pounds, Kieran Vincent has impressive performance metrics. Kieran Vincent's first tournament is in Mexico next week. Chapters 00:00 Introductions 01:06 Qualifying for Live Card 02:09 Securing the Card 03:22 Pre-shot Routine 04:42 Support from Brother's Caddy 05:43 Growing Up in Zimbabwe 06:25 Golf in Zimbabwe 08:50 Choosing Liberty University 10:03 Transition to College Golf 11:37 Faith at Liberty University 12:00 Leadership and Impact 12:58 Challenges in College Golf 13:25 Shaping and Support from Coaches and Peers 15:29 Faith Background and Upbringing 17:33 Taking Ownership of Faith 18:27 Turning Pro and Financial Management 20:12 Traveling and Maintaining Faith 21:56 Prioritizing Time with God 24:15 Connecting with Believers on Tour 26:15 Playing on the Live Tour 29:35 Memorable Experience on the Live Tour 31:32 Setting Goals and Reading the Bible 37:20 Advice to Freshman Self 40:07 Favorite Meal of the Day 40:51 Favorite Memory from College Golf 41:47 Dream Golf Course to Play 42:09 Dream Foursome at Augusta 42:36 Performance Metrics 43:10 Physical Attributes 43:44 Upcoming Tournament

  • Episode 18: Josh Teater

    Episode 18: Josh Teater

    In this episode our hosts Toby Ragland and Jayce interview newly earned PGA Tour professional Josh Teater! Josh has been a friend of CGF for many years and has an unbelievable story. Tom went to Morehead State, has played professional golf for 22 years, and has been a PGA Tour and Korn Ferry Tour member for the majority of his career. Josh shares many stories about golf and faith and shares some real struggles and suffering that he has encountered in his life. This is an awesome episode with our good friend Josh Teater... let us know what you think by reviewing us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! We will be releasing 2 episodes a month for a total of 24 each year. In 2023 we are switching our rhythm from last year and we are doing our normal PGA Tour conversations but we will also be doing CGF Staff highlights as well. We are pumped for all that the Lord is doing in the world of golf and are pumped that you are along for the ride with us! Follow us on social media and check out our website .Instagram - @CollegeGolfFellowship Facebook - College Golf Fellowship Twitter - @CGFTweet Website - Email -