Funfiltered Episode #068 - "You Don't Grow Eye Whites"

Funfiltered by Funfiltered

Episode notes
'iya. If there's a certain frisson about Funfiltered today, it's not just because it's the mating season (reputably or otherwise simply elsewhere). Last night, the FF team +1 (a 50% mark-up) placed first in a local pub quiz and that has understandably and very probably created a sexy whiff around our social media presence. Knowledge is power. Power is an aphrodisiac. And the £25 we bagged divided three ways can only supplement that stimulation. We can only apologise if you're getting all hot and bothered inopportunely. This should really be labelled "NSFW". In fact, interpreted a certain way with a healthy dose of imposition, our logo could be viewed as a representation of the coital experience... whichever way the hourglass turns... isn't it just one permanent revolution..? Marxist. That's what our logo and sexuality are. On this here episode, an a ...   ...  Read more
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