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A podcast. Film and TV reviews. Culture. Politics. Anecdotes. Anything Sam or Jordan deem worthy of disgust. Sometimes praise. Mostly disgust. 

Podcast episodes

  • Cats Review (Funfiltered)

    Cats Review (Funfiltered)Explicit

    Extract from Episode 12 of the Funfiltered podcast. A nitwit triptych takes the Cat by the whiskers and almost certainly (who has time to re-listen to these things?*) tests your patience for feline-themed puns. This is our review ...

  • Gingerbread Paranoia (Funfiltered)

    Gingerbread Paranoia (Funfiltered)Explicit

    Extract from Episode 2 of the Funfiltered podcast. Two overweight men in their late twenties chart the frontier of the trivial, plumb the depths of psychic affliction and engage in an altogether next to nothing something. Can nebu...

  • Funfiltered Episode #068 - "You Don't Grow Eye Whites"

    Funfiltered Episode #068 - "You Don't Grow Eye Whites"Explicit

    'iya. If there's a certain frisson about Funfiltered today, it's not just because it's the mating season (reputably or otherwise simply elsewhere). Last night, the FF team +1 (a 50% mark-up) placed first in a local pub quiz and th...

  • The Last Of Us: Season 1 Review (Funfiltered)

    The Last Of Us: Season 1 Review (Funfiltered)Explicit

    Extract from Episode 68 of the Funfiltered podcast.A gruff man's man and a little girl wandering a post-apocalyptic landscape have a chinwag about the first season of HBO's The Last of Us.

  • Funfiltered Episode #067 - "What Is the Utility of a Robot Gorilla?

    Funfiltered Episode #067 - "What Is the Utility of a Robot Gorilla?Explicit

    Alright? Sam here. It's been a while. It's always been a while. Perhaps it will always be a while. While while while. While E. Coyotes, that's us. And that's either an eminently disposable rap lyric or an utterance pregnant with t...