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A podcast. Film and TV reviews. Culture. Politics. Anecdotes. Anything Sam or Jordan deem worthy of disgust. Sometimes praise. Mostly disgust. 

Podcast episodes

  • Funfiltered Episode #057 - "Reliably Competent Pap"

    Funfiltered Episode #057 - "Reliably Competent Pap"Explicit

    Sam "speaking".‘Tis the age of the podcast, the business page, the second Instagram profile for one's hobby/vocation/the boundary is ambiguous, etc. And so it’s a safe assumption that you know some poor Gen Y sap peddling their wa...

  • Funfiltered Episode #056 - "120 Days of Bolognese Sodom"

    Funfiltered Episode #056 - "120 Days of Bolognese Sodom"Explicit

    Sam "speaking". I had a book called Children’s Miscellany as a child, appropriately. Saturated with trivia, it nurtured the glazomaniac (list junkie) and pub quiz aficionado in me. It forever equipped me with the ability to recite...

  • Funfiltered Episode #055 - "The Oink Chromosome"

    Funfiltered Episode #055 - "The Oink Chromosome"Explicit

    Sam "speaking". Fine. I will acknowledge you, you tormenting tusker, since you so rudely refuse to loaf elsewhere. Don’t look at me with those big Dumbo eyes, it inseminates unbearable shame! And yes, readers, you’re welcome for t...

  • Funfiltered Episode #054 - "Traumatised in Real Time"

    Funfiltered Episode #054 - "Traumatised in Real Time"Explicit

    Sam “speaking”. Here it is. The typically bloated, typically belated and atypically... tinted 54th episode of the FF podcast. The question I have for Norman E. Rosenthal et al. is... was it decided first that the acronym would be ...

  • Funfiltered Episode #053 - "Farcical Decadence"

    Funfiltered Episode #053 - "Farcical Decadence"Explicit

    Sam “speaking”. Allow me to unlatch the portal to my mind. But before I do, let's evaluate why that sentence has uncentred you somewhat. Firstly, the image of a portal on a latch lacks form. You don't quite know what to picture. S...