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A podcast. Film and TV reviews. Culture. Politics. Anecdotes. Anything Sam or Jordan deem worthy of disgust. Sometimes praise. Mostly disgust. 

Podcast episodes

  • Funfiltered Episode #052 - "Islamophobic Couch Potatoes"

    Funfiltered Episode #052 - "Islamophobic Couch Potatoes"Explicit

    Sam "speaking."This episode was recorded over a month ago. Therefore, it is on you to infer the acute insight and scathing commentary that would have attended such hot-button issues as the fall of Afghanistan, the failed recall of...

    Sep 16 2021
    Sep 16 2021
  • Funfiltered Episode #051 - "Provisional Gay"

    Funfiltered Episode #051 - "Provisional Gay"Explicit

    Sam "speaking." Since the inception of Funfiltered in 2019, writing these blurbs has required me to don the figurative duds of Jeremy Kettle, to step through the stargate into a dimension of stratified ironies and byzantine prose....

    Aug 12 2021
    Aug 12 2021
  • Funfiltered Episode #050 - "Assume That the Best Is Over"

    Funfiltered Episode #050 - "Assume That the Best Is Over"Explicit

    FADE IN.Saturday last marked the wedding of Dexter Chisp and Pfidze latterly-Chisp, the "Lanka" having been relegated to the obscurities of née - tradition aside, why one would readily assent to "Chisp" is the chef d'oeuvre of con...

    Jul 09 2021
    Jul 09 2021
  • Funfiltered Episode #049 - "Nascence of the Fourth Reich"

    Funfiltered Episode #049 - "Nascence of the Fourth Reich"Explicit

    Pfidze Lanka and Dexter Chisp are set to pledge their troughs on July 3rd. Under the sentinel of approx. 70 witnesses, they shall conjugate. In the eyes of the Lord and the state, that is. If the yecchy hoots and jibbers emanating...

    Jun 24 2021
    Jun 24 2021
  • Funfiltered Episode #048 - "Family-Friendly Nympho"

    Funfiltered Episode #048 - "Family-Friendly Nympho"Explicit

    I seize this moment to speak a little about Israel-Palestine. Oh, how I JAPE. ‘T’would appear that my sixty-two years on this marble and the enlightenment accrued therein count for goose-egg. That said, can enlightenment be ACCRUE...

    Jun 10 2021
    Jun 10 2021