Ramadan, ARFID & Chronic Illness

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this weeks podcast, Han is joined by Iman Rahman. Iman is a queer, disabled, Muslim who lives with ARFID. As a result of the lack of conversations around culture and religion with the ED community, Iman joins us to share their experience and help others feel less isolated in their journey. In this weeks podcast, we discuss:

  • What is Ramadan?

  • How Iman navigates Ramadan with ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder).

  • The misunderstanding of eating disorders, and how Iman naivgates these conversations.

  • Iman's experience of chronic illness, how this affects Ramadan, and interplays with their eating disorder.

  • How Iman's family supports their eating disorder and chronic illness throughout Ramadan.

  • How to support someone practising Ramadan if you aren't.

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