Debunking Your Binge Eating Disorder Myths

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this weeks podcast, Han is joined by Dr Marianne Miller. Marianne is an eating disorder therapist and binge eating coach who supports clients through eating disorder recovery.

In this week's episode, we come together to dispel the common myths associated with binge eating disorder and share the research behind BED. Together, we discuss:

  • What actually is binge eating disorder?

  • How Marianne got into eating disorder coaching.

  • We demystifying the following:

    ❌ BED is just an excuse for people who are “greedy”.

    ❌ BED is a food addiction.

    ❌ BED has “look” or “size”, and that's why it's often being discussed in tangent with obesity, particularly in research.

    ❌ BED recovery means going on a diet or restricting your food intake.

    ❌ BED is anorexia without ... 

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