Surviving or Thriving? The Impact & Normalisation of Disordered Eating

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this weeks epiosde, Han is joined by Elle Kelly. Elle is a registered sport, eating disorder, and disordered eating dietitian. Elle works with clients with eating disorders and disordered eating to improve their relationship with food, and has excellent knowledge on this specifically in the athletic community.

As we move into a challenging time of year, where diet and gym culture thrive, we thought it would be good to navigate these challenges together and the impact of certain behaviours.

In this weeks episode, we discuss:

  • Navigating the festive period, and the movement into the new year, and how to work through the normalisation of disordered eating behaviours.

  • The difference between eating disorders and disordered eating, and how disordered eating has become normalised in society.

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