50 Shades of Recovery

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this week's episode, Han is joined by Hannah Harvey. Han has personal experience of an eating disorder and her recovery journey, and now runs a peer support group to help others as a result of her personal experience.

In this week's episode we discuss:

  • Han's personal experience of her eating disorder.

  • The different aspects of your life and how the eating disorder can overshadow these, making you forget how you are enough in so many areas of your life but not with the eating disorder.

  • What being in recovered or being recovered actually means, and how the eating disorder may try to distort this.

  • Han's experience of recovery, navigating rules, and advice for others.

  • Han's approach to setting goals in her recovery and New Year's and resolutions.

  • How Han  ... 

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