The Interplay Between Psychosis & Bulimia

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this weeks episode, Han is joined by Hazel Cornhill. Hazel is a mental health campaigner, podcaster, and blogger, who is working to increase awareness and bust stigmas around mental health. Hazel cohosts The Reality Tourist Podcast,– aka THE psychosis podcast, where Hazel speaks with others and discusses their experience of psychosis.

We begin this weeks episode by discussing the impact that bulimia and psychosis have on Hazel's day to day life. We discuss the behaviours involved in Hazel's bulimia and discuss how Hazel experiences psychosis, and how these conditions interact or are distinct.

We then speak about Hazel's experience of treatment, and how her comorbidities (including ADHD) have been managed and supported. We speak about the impact of each diagnosis, and how they worked to make support more challenging.

We the ... 

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