Stigmas, Stomas, and not Sick Enough

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this weeks episode, Han is joined by Adam Fare. Adam is an advocate of mental health, eating disorders, neurodivergence, stomas and equality. Adam joins us to discuss his experience of an eating disorder, and the consequences that have occurred due to improper treatment.

In this episode, we discuss Adam's personal experience, and the struggle he had in receiving appropriate support for his eating disorder. We explore the points Adam feels interventions could've been provided including education on alternative coping mechanisms, male hormones, and an increased understanding of eating disorders in mental health teams.

Additionally, we discuss Adam's comorbidities including his stoma and the impact this has on his eating patterns and the confusion this can provide doctors when supporting him with an eating disorder. We also discuss  ... 

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