Finding Your Power

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

Today Han is joined by Kate Winter, someone who Han has looked up to for many years.

Kate is a fellow Warwick University alumini, ex police officer, ex body builder come yoga teacher and meditation teacher. Kate has an extremely inspiring story regarding her eating disorder recovery, moving from a place of self-punishment to inner peace through meditation.

Kate now practices Ashtanga yoga and Vedic meditation which together have helped her to find her power. Through connecting to her inner self, Kate has become much more attuned to who she is and now wanders through life the way she wants it, free from her eating disorder.

Kate shares insight into her recovery, disorder behaviours which lingered as "health-concious choices" and the freedom meditation has provided her.

this is not clinical advice. trigger warning: anore ... 

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