Fed Up: An Illustrated Guide to Food Freedom

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In today's episode, Han is joined by Katie Barbaro, the author and illustrator of the handwritten memoir "Fed Up: An Illustrated Guide to Food Freedom".

Katie's book documents her experience with bulimia nervosa, approaching potentially distressing, yet relatable, situations with humour and wit, leaving you smiling and laughing at past situations.

This episode explores many avenues such as intuitive eating, binary thinking, diet culture, recovery and being true to yourself.

For more information please check out @thefobpodcast on Instagram or Twitter, and visit BEAT, First Steps ED or SEED for support or speak to your local GP.

Content warning: bulimia nervosa discussed. This is not clinical advice.

PREORDER FED UP HERE: https://orchardpresspublishing.com/shop or visit @Fedupthebook on Instagram to find out more!!!

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