Never-Ending Support: A Mother's Journey with Her Daughter with Nicky Gilbert

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this week’s episode, Han is joined by Nicky Smith. Nicky is a member of FEAST and works closely with other family members and carers to advocate for current and emerging eating disorder issues in the UK.

Nicky has presented at conferences, spoken in Parliament, attended exhibitions, and has provided lectures to raise awareness of eating disorders. Nicky has also supported journal and book publications, contributed to NHS commissioning teams and research groups, and has been a parent/carer representative in an Adult Eating Disorder service collaborative Trust.

Nicky’s daughter has had anorexia for 12 years, so unfortunately Nicky has developed extensive experience from adolescent and adult eating disorder services including inpatient, community, out-of-area placements, sectioning under the Mental Health Act, nasogastric feeding, SE ... 

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