Podcast episodes

  • All About the Socials

    All About the Socials

    It's our Season Finale! We end the series looking at all things social media. A powerful tool for many. We get news and updates at the ready and on the go, but how much of social media is affecting our day to day interactions, our realities and our goals for life? From dating, marriage to general life success - we get into it all at the Roundtable! Host: Shell Johnson Panel include: Cat Sims, Celestine (CeCe) Diamond, Rachael Renovah, Called Out Music, Angel [Prime] Isaacs, Ruby Granger + Precious Tamuno.

  • Sex 2020

    Sex 2020

    Let’s talk about Sex! Our panel explore what sex was intended for from a biblical perspective and look closer at the evolution of sex and sexuality for them individually. Have we become desensitised in an over-sexualised society today? Is sex before marriage just an outdated ideal and how has porn had an impact on how we approach relationships? We chop it up at the Roundtable this week! Host: Ben Hurst Panel include: ZeZe Mills, Kojo Bonsu, Stacey Skeete, Elliot Nathan, Andy Gray, Isha Shah + Fran Bushe.

  • Grace + Forgiveness

    Grace + Forgiveness

    What is forgiveness all about? Is everyone deserving of forgiveness? Is the Christian message grace offensive to non believers? We explore the attitudes today surrounding grace and forgiveness. Hosted by T D Moyo Guests include: A Star, Femi Oyeniran, Rachel Oyawale, Olivia Palmer-Creigg, Phylippa Swift, Ezinne + Tim Newman

  • My CCC (Colour, Class + Culture

    My CCC (Colour, Class + Culture

    This week we explore the 3 Big C's, Class, Culture and Colour. Through the experiences of our contributors we look at how they identify with each three. Delving into how these three factors may have or not affected them individually as they navigate the terrains of life in society today. Hosted by Swarzy Macaly Guests include Adjani Salmon, Rasheeda Muir, Frankie Rose Taylor, Dominique Samuels, Simon Bracey Lane, Phil Ho and Luke aka Still Shady.

  • A State of Mind

    A State of Mind

    A State of Mind is an honest conversation around mental health and how we all struggle with it at different parts of the spectrum. How do we face it and where can we get support? An honest and open exchange with our guests about their personal journey's overcoming everything from anxiety to depression. Hosted by Shell Johnson Guests include: Cat Sims, Cece Diamond, Akeil Okunwuku, Jack Stewart, Leon Lewis, Hope Virgo + Julian Knox