Farm Tested. Farm Tough. | Interview with Travis Frey | AGI

Flaman Connect by Trevor Grinde, Regan Kunz & Mitch Flaman

Episode notes

Want an eye for a fry? Have a tooth for a hoof? Then dig in as Trevor, Regan, and Mitch open a bizarre buffet of edible animal parts and insects. Yum yum!

Then Flaman VP Shaun Gettis explains why grain bagging will be around for a long time. But with a great storage solution comes great responsibility to clean up after you’re done.

Travis Frey from AGI discusses the pleasure and value of time in the field. He’ll also explain why Evel Knievel might have made a great equipment durability tester and where old squeegees go when they’ve shuffled off their mortal blades.


Trevor Grinde - Senior Field Service Technician, Flaman

Regan Kunz - Grain Systems Division Manager, Flaman

Mitch Flaman - Senior Manager Marketing & IT, Flaman


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