Window of Opportunity | Interview with Sid Lockhart | Meridian Mfg.

Flaman Connect by Trevor Grinde, Regan Kunz & Mitch Flaman

Episode notes

Trevor, Regan, and Mitch discuss why purple ketchup never caught on and why, even if the world didn’t see colour, transparent cola would still flop.

How does a truck in a swimming pool prove the nutritional value of foliar feeding? David Fielding of TopKrop provides a better answer than you’ll get by grabbing your keys and finding out the hard way.

Sid Lockhart from Meridian drops by to discuss oldest vs. youngest children and how he literally broke into the business. He’ll also share the secrets of Meridian’s unique company culture and the development of the Convey-All VOLT – an electric-powered conveyor that shocked skeptics (in a good way).


Trevor Grinde - Senior Field Service Technician, Flaman

Regan Kunz - Grain Systems Division Manager, Flaman

Mitch Flaman - Senior Manager Marketin ... 

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