Going a Few Rounds with Rocky | Interview with Rocky Amson | Flaman

Flaman Connect by Trevor Grinde, Regan Kunz & Mitch Flaman

Episode notes

Trevor, Regan, and Mitch sing a sad song about kids being warned about snakes in a barn, barns burning down, and country music going to heck after the 90’s.

Then Flaman’s Shaun Gettis brings the mood up with a rousing little number about remote bin monitoring, and the sweet security of knowing neither fire nor snakes will get your grain.

Finally, Rocky Amson of Flaman performs a show-stopper about his time working with the one and only Frank Flaman. It’s a colourful ditty about being collared for an un-attempted bank heist, eating a guinea pig head on a charitable excursion, and getting punched out by a boxing champion for Christmas.


Trevor Grinde - Senior Field Service Technician, Flaman

Regan Kunz - Grain Systems Division Manager, Flaman

Mitch Flaman - Senior Manager Marketing & IT ... 

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