How a VA can help your Yoga Business with Barak Almog

Feed Your Yoga by Gabe Yoga

Episode notes

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an invaluable resource for any Yoga Professional. Yet few teachers are familiar with the idea, let alone understand how to apply it. Like any practice, it requires doing it. In this Podcast, GabeYoga sits down with Barak Almog from Seller Frame to talk about his insights from his recent workshop on VA at Khanom Beach Yoga Festival. GabeYoga has been using VAs since 2009, and together they offer some tips on how a VA can help in a Yoga business, where to find Vas, and what their experience was working with a VA. The biggest challenge is mindset, and in this Podcast, GabeYoga and Barak Almog expand your mindset about the world around you. Links shared in this podcast:

GabeYoga’s NFT project:

Khanom Beach Yoga Festival:

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