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by Gabe Yoga

Feed Your Yoga PodCast is about sharing real stories from yoga teachers. Get insights into wellness, postures, yoga styles and application of yoga philosophy in daily life.

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  • Season 4

  • Thai Massage Is Not What You Think It Is

    Thai Massage Is Not What You Think It Is

    Podcast Title: "Embodied Wisdom: Thai Yoga Unveiled" Dive into the captivating world of Thai Yoga with GabeYoga as he unfolds the profound teachings inherited from his Master Thai Massage Teacher, Pichest Boonthume. In this live talk, GabeYoga sheds light on how Thai Yoga is more than a therapeutic technique—it's a transformative practice that cultivates mindfulness and Freedom of Motion. Join us as GabeYoga shares the wisdom gleaned from years of immersion in Thai Yoga, exploring the intricate connection between giver and receiver. Learn how the art of Thai Yoga extends beyond physical touch, becoming a holistic experience that nurtures both the practitioner and the recipient. Discover: - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living: GabeYoga delves into the timeless principles of Thai Yoga and how they seamlessly apply to our contemporary lives. - Mindfulness in Motion: Uncover the mindfulness woven into the fabric of Thai Yoga, offering practitioners a journey of self-discovery and heightened awareness. - Freedom of Motion: Explore how Thai Yoga liberates both the giver and receiver, fostering a profound sense of freedom in physical movement and emotional release. This live talk is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the essence of Thai Yoga and its transformative power. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of Thai Yoga, you're invited to join us for an enlightening exploration of embodied wisdom. Note: This podcast serves as a glimpse into the rich teachings that form the foundation of GabeYoga's Thai Yoga Massage training. Join Gabe in Thailand KhanomYoga.com

  • Enthusiasm, Pain, and the Art of Balancing Asana Practice

    Enthusiasm, Pain, and the Art of Balancing Asana Practice

    Welcome to a transformative exploration of yoga philosophy in our podcast, "Enthusiasm, Pain, and the Art of Balancing Asana Practice." Join us as we navigate the delicate intersection of enthusiasm and self-care within the realm of yoga, particularly focusing on when it's okay to practice asana less. In this insightful episode, we delve into the dynamic relationship between enthusiasm and pain that can arise during yoga practice. Through a lens of mindfulness, we examine the importance of listening to our bodies and understanding the signals they provide. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, we share practical tips on finding the balance between pushing boundaries and respecting your body's limitations. Our discussions go beyond the physical postures, exploring the broader aspects of yoga philosophy that encourage a holistic approach to well-being. We address the question of when it's appropriate to dial back on the intensity of your asana practice, acknowledging that rest and recovery are integral parts of a sustainable and enriching yoga journey. Tune in to gain valuable insights from experienced yogis, instructors, and wellness experts as they share personal stories, practical advice, and profound teachings to guide you on your yoga path. "Enthusiasm, Pain, and the Art of Balancing Asana Practice" invites you to embrace the essence of yoga, fostering a harmonious relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're seeking to deepen your yoga practice or simply curious about the mindful application of asanas, this podcast promises to inspire and empower you on your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling yoga experience. Join us as we explore the wisdom that lies at the intersection of enthusiasm, pain, and the art of finding equilibrium on and off the mat.

  • War, Death, Good, Bad: Unraveling the Bhagavad Gita

    War, Death, Good, Bad: Unraveling the Bhagavad Gita

    Step into the profound world of the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian scripture revered for its timeless wisdom and spiritual insights. In this captivating podcast, we embark on a journey through the verses of the Gita, exploring the intricate tapestry of war, death, good, and bad as illuminated by the teachings of Lord Krishna. Join us as we delve into the philosophical discourse between Prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. In the midst of an impending war, Arjuna grapples with moral dilemmas and existential questions, seeking guidance on duty, righteousness, and the nature of the self. Through thoughtful analysis and engaging discussions, our podcast navigates the Gita's profound verses, deciphering the deeper meanings behind the apparent contradictions of war and spirituality, life and death, good and bad. Discover how the Bhagavad Gita offers a timeless roadmap for navigating the complexities of human existence and finding inner peace amidst external chaos. Whether you're a seasoned scholar of Hindu philosophy or a curious listener eager to explore profound ancient wisdom, "War, Death, Good, Bad: Unraveling the Bhagavad Gita" invites you to contemplate the universal truths embedded in this sacred text and apply its teachings to the challenges of the modern world. Tune in to unlock the secrets of the Bhagavad Gita and gain valuable insights that transcend time and culture. It's a journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and a deeper understanding of the eternal dance between light and darkness.

  • What is the word Ashtanga really about, and the origin of the word Yoga.

    What is the word Ashtanga really about, and the origin of the word Yoga.

    In this episode you will discover what the word 'Ashtanga' really is and how it evolved into the practice we see today from the writing of Patanjali. Selected Sutras are quoted. You also learn the origin of the word 'Yoga.' And insights from the Bhagavad Gita. Recorded live from Satsang in Bali.

  • Season 3

  • How a VA can help your Yoga Business with Barak Almog

    How a VA can help your Yoga Business with Barak Almog

    A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an invaluable resource for any Yoga Professional. Yet few teachers are familiar with the idea, let alone understand how to apply it. Like any practice, it requires doing it. In this Podcast, GabeYoga sits down with Barak Almog from Seller Frame to talk about his insights from his recent workshop on VA at Khanom Beach Yoga Festival. GabeYoga has been using VAs since 2009, and together they offer some tips on how a VA can help in a Yoga business, where to find Vas, and what their experience was working with a VA. The biggest challenge is mindset, and in this Podcast, GabeYoga and Barak Almog expand your mindset about the world around you. Links shared in this podcast: GabeYoga’s NFT project: http://www.NFTYoginis.com Khanom Beach Yoga Festival: http://www.KhanomBeachYogaFestival.com Online Jobs Philippines: http://www.onlinejobs.ph Fiverr – Get your projects done – http://www.fiverr.com Gabe’s yoga and business courses: http://www.GabeYogAcademy.com GabeYoga Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GabeYoga Barak Almog Free VA course: https://sellerframe.com/udemy Barak Almog Facebook: https://fb.com/barak.almog