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by Gabe Yoga

Feed Your Yoga PodCast is about sharing real stories from yoga teachers. Get insights into wellness, postures, yoga styles and application of yoga philosophy in daily life.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • How a VA can help your Yoga Business with Barak Almog

    How a VA can help your Yoga Business with Barak Almog

    A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an invaluable resource for any Yoga Professional. Yet few teachers are familiar with the idea, let alone understand how to apply it. Like any practice, it requires doing it. In this Podcast, GabeYoga sits down with Barak Almog from Seller Frame to talk about his insights from his recent workshop on VA at Khanom Beach Yoga Festival. GabeYoga has been using VAs since 2009, and together they offer some tips on how a VA can help in a Yoga business, where to find Vas, and what their experience was working with a VA. The biggest challenge is mindset, and in this Podcast, GabeYoga and Barak Almog expand your mindset about the world around you. Links shared in this podcast:GabeYoga’s NFT project: http://www.NFTYoginis.comKhanom Beach Yoga Festival: http://www.KhanomBeachYogaFestival.comOnline Jobs Philippines: http://www.onlinejobs.phFiverr – Get your projects done – http://www.fiverr.comGabe’s yoga and business courses: http://www.GabeYogAcademy.comGabeYoga Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GabeYogaBarak Almog Free VA course: https://sellerframe.com/udemyBarak Almog Facebook: https://fb.com/barak.almog

  • Cannabis, Awareness and Healing with Ron Azoulay

    Cannabis, Awareness and Healing with Ron Azoulay

    Yoga can heal, connect us to others. In this episode educator and cancer survivor Ron Azoulay opens up about healing, medication and using awareness to reduce daily drugs. Discover how cannabis is used for cancer patients and tools to live a more connected and healthier life. Having survived Acute myeloid leukemia (a cancer of the blood and bone marrow), Ron shares insights from his years as an educator, and offers insights from his Cannabis Health Coach studies.

  • 'SamYama - and how the West sold out Yoga' with Anthony 'Prem' Carlisi

    'SamYama - and how the West sold out Yoga' with Anthony 'Prem' Carlisi

    SamYama is a concept that Patanjali writes about in his 3rd Pada (3rd book) of ‘The Yoga Sutras.’In this Podcast, listen to Ashtanga Master Yoga Teacher Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi, who owns and operates Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Institute, teaches online and internationally, chat with GabeYoga about ‘the West selling out Yoga,’ what is the 6th, 7th and 8th senses, and how they are connected to the Chakras.Discover how to use your physical practice to go Inward; What ‘ashtanga yoga’ is really about and what you can do today to grow beyond your 200hr teacher training.Learn about the power of laughter, the challenge of English vocabulary in relation to Sanskrit, and what you can learn from over 75 years of combined practice.In this podcast we refer to Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Ubud, Bali – click here to visit.His amazing book on Ayurveda, ‘The only way Out is In’ can be found here.Look out for Spiritual Gangster online course coming out soon.Also mentioned - The Bhagavad Gita comes Alive- Click here for more.

  • The most Important Yoga pose and What is Yoga About

    The most Important Yoga pose and What is Yoga About

    What is the most important Yoga pose? What is Yoga really about? In this PodCast GabeYoga shares a story about Krishnamacharya, the most influential Yoga teacher on Modern Yoga, and a student who traveled from the West to study with him. Through this story we get a rare glimpse at the true meaning of Yoga. Discover what is the most important Yoga pose How you transform your practice with this simple Yoga pose. To practice #BikYasaYoga with Gabe: YouTube.com/GabeYoga Looking for Yoga Retreat or Yoga Training on the beaches of Thailand? GabeYoga leads events in Southern Thailand at the Khanom Yoga studio. He also helps Yoga teachers set up retreats and programs. www.khanomyoga.comBe sure to check out this talk with Michelle Schoenfeld about Yin Yoga.

  • How the heck did I GAIN 2kg after 10 Day Water Cleanse?

    How the heck did I GAIN 2kg after 10 Day Water Cleanse?

    Experienced cleanser, GabeYoga, dives into the reasons, benefits, and Yoga practice that lies behind regular cleanses.Podcasting on his 10th day water cleanse, Gabe discusses how he gained 2kg, and why cleanses are a Yoga practice.Discover what Rumi said about cleanses, and how to reveal the spirit that lies within you. Gabe discusses TheLifeCo company, one of the world leading detox centers.He recommends the 'You Lost Me at Namaste" Podcast by Michelle Schoenfeld.Be smart when doing a cleanse. If this is your first time, try 24 hours. Then a week later try 3 days over the weekend. Then wait a month or more to try 5 days, and 6 months after that to do 10 days.Contact Gabe for Health consultation at GabeYogAcademy.com, or to build a cleansing program that fits to your lifestyle.