Fake RitualExplicit

by Lucas Sloppy

A Fool's Guide to Pop Culture & the Occult | Join host Lucas Sloppy and a myriad of guests as they talk television, movies, comics, video games, and more — uncovering an esoteric world of myth, magick and mystery hidden deep within your favorite media. 

Podcast episodes

  • Fake Talk + Michael Burch

    Fake Talk + Michael BurchExplicit

    More Woo-Woo | Fake Ritual welcomes artist, musician and horticulturalist Michael Burch for another long-awaited installment of Fake Talk! Together, he and host Lucas Sloppy enjoy a casual converastion concerning age-inappropriate...

  • matriarch madness + maggie lynn negrete

    matriarch madness + maggie lynn negreteExplicit

    Illustrator, educator, astrologer, and mother Maggie Lynn Negrete returns to the show to help referee the ultimate maternal showdown, pitting the BEST supernaturnal-horror-movie moms against the absolute WORST. Will good triumph o...

  • The Exorcist + Ande Strega

    The Exorcist + Ande StregaExplicit

    "I LUV SOW" | Lucas Sloppy is joined by fellow podcaster Ande Strega (Queens of NC-17) to discuss the most evil film ever made, 1973's The Exorcist. The power of Christ compels them as they confront horrifying babysitters, pottymo...

  • crimes of the future + kenneth nicholson

    crimes of the future + kenneth nicholsonExplicit

    Educator and painter Kenneth Nicholson returns to talk director David Cronenberg's recently-released return-to-form, Crimes of the Future. Together, he and host Lucas Sloppy dissect the film's inner-workings and take a mechanized ...

  • furby fakes + christina conway

    furby fakes + christina conwayExplicit

    Christina Conway returns to the show to talk Furby knock-offs and the mysteries surrounding these unfortunate creatures.