S01 E26 - MERCHHH, What Makes an Excellent Collaboration, Fashion and Our Identity | Lord Landon Michael

Exploring Creativity by Michael J. Morgan
SPECIAL EPISODEI have recently released a clothing collection called MERCHHHTo give you some background on the line and introduce you to one of my favorite collaborators on the project, I spoke with Hybrid Creative and Fashion Architect, Lord Landon Michael.We discuss the inspiration for MERCHHH, what makes an excellent collaborator, fash  ...  See more
Jun 27 2022

Michael: This is Michael Morgan and welcome to Exploring Creativity. I've been on a mission with this podcast for over a year now to uncover new insights into the creative process. My goal is being to help creative people make the best work of their entire lives. These conversations have fundamentally changed how I create, how I collaborate and how I think.

And I hope they'll do the same for you.

I'm recording this conversation a week after I've released my first collection of of clothing from my line called merch

Merch was a year long project that not only took a lot of effort, but involved a lot of people along the way. One of those people I had the pleasure of working with was Lord land. And Michael Lord is a self-described hybrid, creative and fashion architect.

I love that title.

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