S01 E30 - (Season 1 Finale) Making Cool Sh*t | Michael J. Morgan

Exploring Creativity by Michael J. Morgan
In this week’s episode, Christian Wheeler interviews me!He and I discuss lessons from my many years of collaboration, playing and making cool shit, my relationship to process over time, curating my environment, appreciating your work, the many takeaways from the past 27 Instagram Lives, and more…Our Guest: Christian Wheeler https://www.in  ...  See more
Jul 25 2022

Michael: Okay. And we're live happy Wednesday, September 22nd. Damn. Here we are. Final day of, uh, interviews on this page, potentially interviews for this series all together. Um, last week, you know, I said it was the last interview and it was because, um, it was the last time I was interviewing someone, but this time someone's interviewing me, uh, Christian Wheeler, who I interviewed last week will be interviewing me, um, to close out this whole series.

Uh, I think it's been eight months of work so far, um, where, you know, initially setting out to, oh man, I guess it's interesting. When I think about where this whole thing originated, because it was many, many, many years ago I was in between. Deciding if I should stay at a job or not, um, we'd been acquired, there were layoffs.

I t

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