S01 E28 - Reframing Past Narratives, The Burden of Teams, Productizing Creative Work | Ruairi O'Flaherty

Exploring Creativity by Michael J. Morgan
Mastering Engineer Ruairi O’Flaherty and I discuss what it looks like to be an awful collaborator, the burden of teams, the instructions around feedback, honesty, the toxicity and benefit of comparison, productizing creative work, the necessary conditions for play, discovering the self, reframing past narratives, and more…Our Guest: Ruair  ...  See more
Jul 11 2022

Okay. And we're live that's one of the last time. So I'm going to be saying that for awhile. Um, it's Wednesday, September 8th. And technically, this is one of the last interviews of the Exploring Creativity series. So it's kind of surreal. Um, I don't have it up here now, but I believe this is roughly interview 30.

Um, it's not actually, but it's close enough. I've been doing this for a minute. Um, next week after this interview, I'm going to be interviewing Christian, which, although it is an interview, technically feels like this is the last one because him and I have been working together on this. So, um, yeah. And then he'll be interviewing me about the whole series and just my creative process and all of that.

So wow. Made it to the end. Um, I feel like with creative projects there

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