S01 E27 - The Limits of Titles, Being a Business and a Creative, Practice | Molly Fletcher

Exploring Creativity by Michael J. Morgan
Violinist, Composer, Touring & Recording Artist Molly Fletcher and I discuss How giving yourself a title can limit you, multipotentiality, the Macarena, viewing yourself as a business and a creative, The various forms of practice, collaboration, The ebb and flow of creative work, and more…Our Guest: Molly Fletcher https://www.instagram.co  ...  See more
Jul 04 2022

Okay. And real-life happy Wednesday, September 1st. My hair's a mess. I'm tired, I'm busy and I'm happy to be doing this, nonetheless. Um, this is week 20 something, maybe 25, uh, that we've been doing the series and, uh, it feels good every time I'm currently in Brooklyn right now, uh, moved into a place in Williamsburg.

So, uh, if you're around there and want to hang out, I'd love to see you. I'm just currently getting my apartments up. There's very little on the walls. Just set up this chair, the desk I'm on is new. Everything is new and I love that. It's fun to have like a fresh start, fresh take on, um, how you approach creativity, how you approach life.

So that's been, um, a nice change of pace. Uh, today. Well, before I get into today, we have, uh, four more interviews, including

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