[EP #123] [ENG] - How to scale your brand outside of Amazon with AJ Saunders

The Ecommerce Lab By Ecomcy by Vincenzo Toscano

Episode notes

Welcome back to another episode of the ecomcy ecommerce lab podcast. for this exciting episode we will be featuring a special guest, AJ Saunders! AJ is the founder of AJ's Digital Group, a successful e-commerce marketing agency. In this interview, we'll explore the exciting topic of how to scale your brand beyond Amazon.

AJ is an expert in the field of eCommerce and has worked with numerous brands to help them expand and grow in the digital world. With his extensive experience and knowledge in marketing strategies, he will provide us with valuable information on how to diversify your sales channels and take your brand to new horizons.

In this video, AJ will share practical advice on how to develop an effective strategy outside of Amazon, exploring channels like your own website, other e-commerce platforms, and social media. We will diย ...ย 

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