YOUTH and ON-SET COACHING With Teraze Burke

Dream Baby Dream by Taylah

Episode notes

Hey Dreamers! This week we sat down and had a chat with our good friend Tess. Tess is the youth tutor at the Warehouse and has recently done some on-set coaching for kid actors. Tess is one of the most beautiful, kind hearted humans we've ever met and we really loved this chat. We even learnt a lot about her that we didn't know before, which explains why she is the strong woman she is today. We hope you love it!

You can find Tess on Instagram @terazeburkecoaching

Our Artist of the Week is the band Semantics and you can find them on Instagram @semanticstheband

We're taking a week off this week! We're going to SPLENDOUR baby! So have a wonderful week, we'll be back the Monday after with a very fun guest!

Thanks again for the support, and keep dreaming

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