CASTING - Behind the Scenes with Tom McSweeney

Dream Baby Dream by Taylah

Episode notes

"What are you nervous about? You've already won, you're getting to do the thing you claim you say you love to do."

Hey Dreamers! We are SO excited to bring you this episode, with the one and only Tom McSweeney! Tom is one of Australia's most profound Casting Directors, and we had the opportunity to sit down with him and pick his brain about all things CASTING. It was a bumpy road to release this episode (we explain in the ep, but there were tears involved) but we're FINALLY here, and boy, it was worth the wait.

We love Tom so much, he's everyone's biggest supporter and we absolutely love it. We hope you all learn something and get something inspiring out of this ep, we definitely left the room feeling motivated to create.

There's no Artist of the Week this week, as we wanted to delve into Tom as much as possible.

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