Love Yourself into Healing & Miracles 10 Tips

Healing Inspirations for the Body & Mind by Dorothy Wellington

Episode notes

"It's hard to get something good out of something you hate." Sometimes your biggest hindrance to receiving healing and miracles lies in not loving yourself. Love is always a powerful way to healing the body because "God is Love" (I John 4:16). The first love after God is to love yourself. Jesus said we are to love our neighbors as thyself. Without loving yourself, you will continue to ignore those things that bring out the best in you.

When you have been suffering for a long time, you may find yourself in disgust about your stomach, legs, heart, bones, eyes, etc. Loving your body elevates your prayers and affirmations for healing in a happier place and you will gain more faith and progress for healing and miracles.

I am not a lecturer of information but an Inspirational Teacher sharing as God ... 

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