Wise Quotes for Life

Healing Inspirations for the Body & Mind by Dorothy Wellington

Episode notes

Have you ever had a rough day and needed to read or hear a profound quote, a short message that would cause you to think and reconsider your stand on that unhappy situation? To "Ponder or Expand Knowledge & Spiritual Understanding"

"Wise Quotes for Life" is filled with statements and phrases that were inspired by God for me in teaching people how to live in peace, love and joy every day no matter their circumstances. With an over 40-year background, I have talked with people who have been in great distress, those brokenhearted in failed relationships, chronic sickness and disease, suffering the loss of love ones, to the homeless who carried all they owned in a backpack. I've had many ups and downs in my own life, but I found a constant miraculous help in having a relationship with God.

This book is not

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