The Belief Healing Train Part II

Healing Inspirations for the Body & Mind by Dorothy Wellington

Episode notes

Your Body Needs Your Forgiveness for Hurting It!

In our own ignorance we have hurt our bodies and need to ask forgiveness for hurting what we didn't understand, for what we caused to happen and made us sick. In times the pain in my lower back was so severe, it felt like my back had been broken in half. In this teaching I share with you that you have a cause in your sickness, disease and chronic pain. I know that may not make sense, "Surely we don't desire to make our bodies sick, the cause must be someone else fault, they are the blame, not me!"

You can hear people talking about the parts of their bodies that are sick, it will sound as though they are hating their liver, lungs, stomach, heart knees, gallbladder, etc. These sick parts of your body hear and know how you feel about them. I will teach you how to ask your  ... 

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