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DIY For Business offers guidance and support to entrepreneurs as they navigate the often-daunting process of starting and growing a company. Our hosts, Russ and Greg, are here to help start-up and established companies overcome the numerous hurdles they face every day. Our show covers a wide range of topics, including marketing, finance, leadership, legal matters, and other crucial aspects of business management. Through tho ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Mastering Crisis Communication & Negotiation: Insights from FBI Experts

    Mastering Crisis Communication & Negotiation: Insights from FBI Experts

    In this episode of DIY for Business, Russ and Greg are joined by two extraordinary guests, Chip Massey and top DC publicist Adele Gambardella, authors of the book "Convince Me." With backgrounds in crisis communication and FBI hostage negotiation, they share their expertise on mastering the art of convincing others, whether in high-stakes situations or everyday business negotiations. Listen as Chip and Adele discuss: The critical differences between in-person and remote negotiation techniques. How to leverage forensic listening and emotional intelligence in business. The importance of creating an atmosphere of trust and validation within teams. Real-life crisis communication scenarios and how to handle them effectively. Gain invaluable insights from their unique perspectives and learn how to enhance your negotiation skills and crisis management strategies. Don't miss out on their engaging stories and practical advice that can transform your approach to business communication. Keywords: Negotiation, Crisis Communication, FBI Hostage Negotiation, Forensic Listening, Business Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Remote Work, Team Management, Crisis Management, Effective Communication, Convince Me Book Hashtags: #DIYForBusiness #NegotiationSkills #CrisisCommunication #BusinessPodcast #RemoteWork #TeamManagement #ForensicListening #ConvinceMe #EmotionalIntelligence #EffectiveCommunication

  • Marketing for Super Villains

    Marketing for Super Villains

    In this vibrant episode of DIY for Business, join Russ and Greg as they explore the dynamic blend of art, co-working spaces, and strategic marketing. With special guest Jesse James Wroblewski, dive into how embracing your inner 'marketing supervillain' can differentiate and elevate your brand. Discover the power of niche marketing, the advantages of targeted advertising, and innovative approaches to stand out against industry giants. Whether you're a small business owner or an established entrepreneur, this episode is packed with actionable insights tailored to help your business thrive in competitive environments. Key Highlights: Co-working Space Adventures: Russ' experiences with espresso shots and impromptu improv across the street - a testament to leveraging local ecosystems for business and personal growth. Walking Meetings and Book Insights: Russ discusses how integrating walking into his daily routine brings a new dimension to multitasking, from meetings on the go to digesting the latest business reads via the Everand app. Mastering the Art of Differentiation with Jesse James Wroblewski: Uncover the philosophies behind marketing like a supervillain, where less is more, and smart, focused strategies trump big budgets. Personal Stories of Pivoting: Both hosts share personal anecdotes reflecting their journeys and transitions, emphasizing adaptation and clever positioning in the market. Advice for Aspiring Supervillains in Marketing: Jesse offers practical tips on standing out authentically, understanding customer needs deeply, and strategically placing your brand for maximum impact without overwhelming budgets. Tune In: Listen to the full episode on DIY for Business Podcast for a deep dive into leveraging creativity and strategic mischief in your marketing efforts. Whether you're looking to refresh your business model or find your unique voice in a saturated market, this episode will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration you need!

  • Branding Mastery with Tom Conlon

    Branding Mastery with Tom Conlon

    In this episode of DIY for Business, join hosts Russ and Greg as they dive into a kaleidoscope of topics from the unexpected lessons of the Oscars and the strategy behind wearing black, to the intriguing world of business transitions with special guest, Tom Conlon, founder of North Street Creative. Discover the art of branding and web design tailored for B2B success, and unravel the complexities of making pivotal business decisions. Don't miss our engaging discussion on evolving business landscapes and the importance of niche expertise in the digital age. Tune in to gain actionable insights for navigating your business journey with confidence.

  • Unlocking Business Growth: Finance & Marketing Insights with CFO Kyle Smith

    Unlocking Business Growth: Finance & Marketing Insights with CFO Kyle Smith

    Join Russ and Greg on a captivating episode of DIY for Business as they welcome Kyle Smith, CFO and co-founder of Strata Cloud, diving into the crucial interplay between finance and marketing strategies for business success. From Russ's enlightening trip to Austin and insights into FileMaker's capabilities to exploring the financial intricacies of starting and scaling a business, this episode covers it all. Kyle shares his expert perspective on when to engage a fractional CFO, the top financial metrics every business owner should monitor, and the delicate dance between controlling costs and investing in growth. Whether you're contemplating a new venture or seeking ways to optimize your current business operations, this episode offers valuable tips on financial management, pricing strategies, and leveraging marketing for long-term success. Plus, don't miss the fun brainstorming session on a potential business idea that combines the best of sports and dining. Tune in to gain actionable insights and learn how to make informed decisions that drive profitability and growth. This description is crafted to highlight the episode's diverse content, focusing on valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business managers looking to balance financial health with aggressive growth strategies.

  • Building a Remote Company Culture That Thrives: Leadership Insights with Gerry Gadoury

    Building a Remote Company Culture That Thrives: Leadership Insights with Gerry Gadoury

    In this insightful episode of DIY for Business, hosts Russ and Greg dive deep into the nuances of creating a compelling remote work culture with special guest Gerry Godori, a seasoned expert in leadership, team building, and author of "Destination Employer." From transitioning traditional office settings to fully remote operations, Gerry shares invaluable strategies for attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent in today's dynamic work environment. Learn how to navigate the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture across diverse locations, understanding the unique needs of different departments, and leveraging personal insights to foster employee growth and satisfaction. Whether you're a startup navigating the complexities of remote team dynamics or an established business looking to enhance your remote work policies, this episode is packed with actionable tips and thoughtful reflections on making your company a true destination for talent. Tune in to discover how you can create a work environment where engagement, fulfillment, and growth aren't just goals, but the foundation of your success.