Mastering Crisis Communication & Negotiation: Insights from FBI Experts

DIY For Business by DIY for Business

Episode notes

In this episode of DIY for Business, Russ and Greg are joined by two extraordinary guests, Chip Massey and top DC publicist Adele Gambardella, authors of the book "Convince Me." With backgrounds in crisis communication and FBI hostage negotiation, they share their expertise on mastering the art of convincing others, whether in high-stakes situations or everyday business negotiations.

Listen as Chip and Adele discuss:

  • The critical differences between in-person and remote negotiation techniques.
  • How to leverage forensic listening and emotional intelligence in business.
  • The importance of creating an atmosphere of trust and validation within teams.
  • Real-life crisis communication scenarios and how to handle them effectively.

Gain invaluable insights from their unique perspectives and learn how to en ... 

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