Weekly Guided Audio Meditations by Destiny Architecture's Heather Larson

by Heather Larson

Listen as yoga, meditation, & Reiki teacher Heather Larson helps you relax, make time for yourself, learn to meditate, and reap the benefits of meditation. Use the weekly guided meditation to learn different techniques and build the habit of meditating.

Podcast episodes

  • How to Do An End-of-Year Reflection


    How to Do An End-of-Year Reflection


    Welcome back to another episode of the Destiny Architecture® podcast. In today's episode, we delve into the art of doing an end-of-year reflection. I share insights on the significance of self-reflection, especially at the end of the year, and how it ties into personal goals. From journaling to setting goals to incorporating practices such as yoga, Reiki, and meditation, we explore various ways to chart progress and evaluate the past year. Join me, Heather Larson, as I help you navigate the introspective journey to enhance self-awareness and well-being. (If you're interested in the Self Journal, use the code "HEATLAR" for 15% off). Timestamped overview 00:00 I work with Chakras, Reiki, yoga, meditation. 03:48 Tracking progress, reflection, and introspection tips. 06:25 Evaluate life areas and find balance priorities. 09:31 Improve habits through meditation, yoga, nutrition, exercise. 12:47 Yoga teacher records practices for online access. 16:50 Destiny Architecture offers meditation, yoga, coaching, and more.

  • New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for December 2023

    New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for December 2023

    Manifesting Peace: A New Moon Meditation for Mercury Retrograde Season Welcome to "Destiny Architecture®," the podcast that guides you through navigating the energies of the universe to manifest your dreams and goals. In today's episode titled "New Moon in Mercury Retrograde," we go through a meditation about setting intentions during the challenging and transformative period of Mercury Retrograde. I'll give you tips on how to focus on our desires, nurture ourselves, and make the most of this time to reconnect, review, and rejuvenate. So, grab your headphones and get ready to embrace the energy of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde as we tune in to this special episode. (This is a FREE episode! Please consider subscribing). Timestamped overview: 03:33 Repeating lessons, setting intentions during the retrograde period. 07:00 Close eyes, breathe, set peace intention, accomplish. 13:16 Set intention, stay calm, breathe, experience peace. 16:46 Connect with loved ones; set intentions. Enjoy. 20:49 Simplify tasks, and focus on intentions for new moon.

  • Meditate Your Way to Better Communication During Mercury Retrograde with this Guided Meditation

    Meditate Your Way to Better Communication During Mercury Retrograde with this Guided Meditation

    Guided Meditation: Enhance Communication during Mercury Retrograde with Mindful Practices Welcome to another episode of Destiny Architecture® Guided Meditations, where we explore tools and techniques to align with our destiny. In this guided meditation, I'll help you focus on improving communication during Mercury retrograde. As we delve into the challenges that come with this astrological event, I'll lead you through intentional breathing and visualization exercises to help you navigate and respond to difficult communications with kindness and authenticity. Join me as I explore how to harness the power of mindfulness to enhance our communication skills during Mercury retrograde and beyond. Timestamped overview: 00:00 Consciously set intentions to keep peace. 03:42 Recognizing upset, breathing, and intentional response practice. 09:03 Embrace kindness and truth when stressed. 11:08 Intend to be kind and mindful always.

  • A Quick Yoga Warm-Up To Start Your Day


    A Quick Yoga Warm-Up To Start Your Day


    As a yoga teacher with scoliosis, this is my go-to morning warmup! Join me as I guide you through a quick and easy yoga warm-up routine. I share my experience with scoliosis, a spine curvature that affects my daily life. These simple exercises help me start the day feeling more energized and flexible. From gentle movements on the yoga mat to centering breaths and poses like cat-cow, downward dog, and child's pose, I'll give you a practical approach to warming up the body and finding grounding in the morning. So, grab your mat, take a few centering breaths, and join me for this rejuvenating yoga warm-up session.

  • Overcoming Adversity: A Podcast on Navigating Difficult Seasons


    Overcoming Adversity: A Podcast on Navigating Difficult Seasons


    In this episode of Destiny Architecture®, join me as I share reflections on this Small Business Saturday about going through a rough season. I talk about my small business, (which allows me to offer Reiki sessions and coaching), as well as my personal journey of sobriety and transformation through spirituality and personal development. 🚨 Spoiler Alert: This is a vulnerable one! I open up about the challenges I'm currently facing, including the impending loss of a family member, and how I'm navigating through it all with resilience and a sense of service. I hope this inspires you as I offer hope and encouragement to those going through tough times this holiday season and remind you that we are never alone on this journey of life. ⏰ Time Stamps: 02:01 Rent, service, family, uncertainty, death, tough times. 05:16 Reiki helped family member before passing. 06:38 Comfort, clarity, family, death, pain, self-care 11:55 Choose love, make better choices, and stay inspired. 13:59 Don't wait, just do it now. Key Topics in This Podcast (Cliffs Notes) Primary Topic 1: Introduction (Small Business Saturday and the podcast host's background) - Introduction to Small Business Saturday - Introducing Destiny Architecture as a small business - Description of the podcast host's services (Reiki sessions, coaching, yoga, meditation) - Goal of helping listeners become the architect of their own destiny Primary Topic 2: Reflections on the podcast host's personal journey - Mention of the podcast host's recent move to Phoenix, Arizona - Missing a guided meditation due to personal circumstances - Explanation of the importance of being present for family during a difficult time - Acknowledgment of being in a season of service to family and customers - Reflecting on the cycle of life and death Primary Topic 3: The podcast host's personal development and spirituality - Discussion of the podcast host's commitment to sobriety and abstinence from mind-altering substances - Exploration of spirituality, yoga, and meditation as coping mechanisms and sources of personal development - Reference to the concept of destiny architecture and its importance in the host's life - Sharing the significance of Reiki in the host's spiritual journey Primary Topic 4: Dealing with pain and suffering - Expressing the importance of acknowledging and feeling pain - Mention of an article by David Sedaris about how society deals with pain - Sharing personal experiences of using substances to cope with pain and the negative consequences - Highlighting the value of personal growth and becoming a supportive figure for others - Encouraging listeners to focus on themselves and their own resources to get through difficult times Primary Topic 5: Finding hope and making positive choices - Wishing listeners a safe and happy holiday season - Empowering listeners to make better choices and prioritize self-care - Drawing on personal experiences and journey towards positive change - Assurance that more content, including meditations, will be available - Encouragement to take action towards goals and dreams, rather than waiting for the perfect time Conclusion: Wishing listeners a blessed holiday season and expressing gratitude for their support