Denali Lord Nutrition & Wellness

by Denali Cristen Lord

This podcast is designed to discuss topics in wellness, nutrition, fitness, sleep, health, and mindset. It is designed to empower you to live your best life.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • Evaluating Relationships

    Evaluating Relationships

    Today’s episode teaches us how to evaluate the relationships in our our lives.

  • Less is More

    Less is More

    Today’s episode focuses on prioritizing what is most important to you so that you have more time for the things that matter most.

  • Season 3

  • Sleep 101

    Sleep 101

    Don’t miss out on this episode!If you struggle to fall or stay asleep, this episode is for you!! We dove into all of the do’s and dont’s for optimal sleep hygiene,

  • Mindset 101

    Mindset 101

    Today’s episode focuses on how our thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs impact our mindset. We also focus on reframing our mindset and dive into a growth vs. a fixed mindset.

  • Nutrition 101

    Nutrition 101

    Thus week’s episode focuses on establishing a healthy foundation for nutrition- I provide an estimate range for macros, how much water you should be drinking, and what supplements to take.