Conspiracy P and his conspiracy foolishness>

DaBlkAristocrats by JAJEUX LIVINGS, JR

Episode notes

Conspiracy P wanted his turn, so I let him do his thing! He's loud, drunk, loves trap music and concocting crazy conspiracies over the finest Tequilas. Grab a glass, shot or your favorite beverage, sit back and pour up with us! *Intro Music byItaintsloFranky- "How this ish work"


2:45- Talks Alibaba experience with undersized garments and birthing the phrase the "Target Rule"

8:31- How my brother gone wear this shit

12:15- the phrase "Good Lord Spare" meaning growing up

13:10- Why Aaron Rodgers didn't make the Super Bowl

15:00-FEATURE> Conspiracy Theory on sports gambling and the (Pro)-fessional Athlete

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