Im a millennial with an old soul.., we didn’t know back then for various reasons(mine was foolishness lol) like education, lack of resources, and others, but we know now, how to obtain those resources better, and here on the show, we are for the culture, brand, entertainment purposes, and to spread the greatest WEALTH of all...KNOWLEDGE! We are highlighting underground entrepreneurs and a host of many more to let them know th... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E01 - 20$$ "Top of the Year"

    S04 E01 - 20$$ "Top of the Year"Explicit

    1st episode of 20$$ season 4!!!! We talk Corona Strains, China Artificial sun, and laugh our way to a great start of the new year!! intro song- sam shabazz "Dont Call Me" i do not own the rights to music

  • Season 3

  • S03 E08 - "We Wiiiiiiiddde OOOpen"

    S03 E08 - "We Wiiiiiiiddde OOOpen"Explicit

    This weeks episode im joined by my cohost Jana where we serve a fulfilling bowl of informative gumbo! We talk George Floyd decision. thoughts on Ma'Khia Bryant incident, whats up with corona, will it ever go away and how importan...

  • S03 E07 - Ta'Mi Ent

    S03 E07 - Ta'Mi EntExplicit

    Ta'Mi stops thru and chops it up with us over a bowl of informative gumbo. We discuss pandemic transitions,internet etiquette,music scene,his rapping style, and a bunch more. We also play a few songs of his various projects tha...

  • S03 E06 - "Social (ME)-dia"

    S03 E06 - "Social (ME)-dia"Explicit

    This weeks bowl of informative is served mild with a sweet kick of funny feat J to the A-N-A!! As we all know by now, everytime shes on, WE LAUGH! We talk social media values, pro and cons and how it weighs on relationships, black...

  • S03 E05 - "Crat Talks" with Pakman James

    S03 E05 - "Crat Talks" with Pakman JamesExplicit

    This weeks episode I’m joined by CMC’s own Pakman James for a Crat Talk segment. Crat talks is when i bring ppl i've personally known for years and we just chop it up like we in the barbershop. We talk pandemic pressures, challe...